3M Carbon film for car tuning

Before 8 years, Japanese subsidiary of Company 3M invented the film which completely simulating carbon fiber.

The carbon 3M film is high grade PVC Cast film with clear visible carbon fiber and three-dimensional structure, allowing it to reflect light in the same way as real carbon fiber.

Seven years ago Partners Ltd offers this unique product on the Bulgarian market.
Despite the attempts of competitors to offer similar products, 3M carbon film continues to be the best on the market.

3M Carbon film

3M Carbon film

Carbon tuning film with matchless quality

Besides the excellent texture and carbon, double cast technology, in production of this film are applied several advanced technologies. Special Comply3M Comply is a system of adhesive layer, through air channels allows smooth removal of air bubbles in sticking foil. adhesive layer ensures simple installation even by non-specialists. A surface treatment of ControltacMicroscopic glass spheres on the surface of the adhesive allow for multiple repositioning of the film, without damaging it. adhesive allows multiple detachment and adhesion of the carbon film prior to processing with a spatula.

3M Carbon Film can be used for outdoor application, even on the most loaded parts of the vehicle.
Due to the thickness and strength, successfully protects paint on the hoods and bumpers from pebbles on the road and its impact at high speed. If it is properly installed, carbon film is durable for cleaning in car washes with brushes and steam cleaners. Do not break nor scratch ice on the car or perform similar mechanical effects on car surface.


Precision and quality in the every detail of 3M Carbon Film

Characteristic and impressive appearance makes the carbon film preferred for wrap of the interior of the car . Different parts, such as gearshift, dashboard, speedometer, trim on the doors, stereos and even ceilings, take unique look when are lined with 3M Carbon Film.

And following its motto Inovation Company Innovation Company 3M, continuously offers new and interesting modern textures and colors to car  tuning fans.

In our portfolio you can find the full range of colors and textures of 3M 1080 Car Wrap Carbon Film.