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Tools and Accessories from 3M and GDI


Carbon.bg offers a variety of tools and accessories that will greatly facilitate your work in to application of carbon foil dimming foil for glass, protective film, etc.. Tools and accessories are from leading manufacturers and ensures long life even after repeated use.

Here you will find many types of spatulas, applicators, scraper and other accessories that are indispensable helpers in the assembly and disassembly of automotive film, film for glass, protective film, etc..




3M tools
GDI Tools

Variety of products


We have selected accessories and tools that are practical and effective in dealing with automotive film, its installation and removal. Has a huge selection of tools used for various processes related to automotive film and not only. Available products are manufactured by 3M and GDI, which means that they are of high quality, without compromise!

Why choose accessories 3M and GDI?



  • In Carbon.bg collected some of the best 3M tuning and car cosmetics. Buy them here, because I know the quality is guaranteed.

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  • Guaranteed quality

  • Affordable prices

  • Variety of products

  • Specially designed to work with automotive film

  • Easy to use

  • An advantage when work